Underwater Acoustics

This facility provides ample room to conduct underwater acoustic experiments with a water tank having a 6 meter length, 3 meter width, and a 6 meter depth. The lab is equipped with a 3D positioner used to measure signals at various locations or to scan a field of points.

Airborne Acoustics

Airborne acoustic experiments are conducted in a different lab setting nearby. Using a waveguide bounded by two acrylic sheets, one and two-dimensional wave propagation can be studied in a variety of conditions. Recording these signals is done with a microphone attached to a motorized positioner that navigates a predetermined area to collect data.

Small Water Tank

This lab also conducts underwater acoustic experiments on a smaller scale with a smaller water tank. The current set up is for measuring the acoustic transmission and reflection through a skull with ultrasound transducers.

High Frequency Ultrasonic Imaging

Our high frequency ultrasonic imaging experiments utilize a Verasonics system with a transducer array that can emit and detect acoustic waves up to 30 MHz.

Neuron Core Facility

The neuron core facility includes several patch clamping systems that can measure the electrophysiology of cultured neurons, brain slices, and mouse brain in vivo.